[+] 64it support


[+] Version no. in login dialog

[+] Merge & split placementgroups

[+] Create Blockstructur over Site, Building, Floor, Room, Roomzone

[+] Merge block to one

[+] Split block to many

[+] add button to set all group -1 on calculation

[+] Performance

[+] Block-Toolbar

[+] Placementgroup-Toolbar

[+] Used memory-lvl (color hint)

[~] set owner on messagebox

[~] performance on remove block

[~] performance on create waves

[~] BlockManager distMatrix only computes on demand now

[~] Changed order of insert saves, DbPoints now ALL come after the RoomZones

[~] MasterPathGraph now takes 100000 and not 0 as default SiteDistance

[~] Bugfix: Update Variant with no correct project link

[~] rename "Blockstruktur" => "Blockstruktur (gruppenrein)"

[~] Translation: Tschechisch

[#] FloorPort lenght set to 255 in project and variant


[+] Zoom & Pan functions

[+] Zoom to an rectangle

[+] Print zoom rectangle on floor

[+] Print selected objects

[+] View preview on selection print

[+] Transformation-Matrix

[+] Memo: copy on floor

[+] Memo: context menu (edit, delete, color, copy)

[+] Mass selection (Ctrl+LeftMouse)

[+] Selection: manuel/automatic print direction

[~] Rename 'Export (PDF)' to 'Print (PDF)'

[~] Graphic (Export-dxf): Filename with buidling and site

[~] Graphic: Export-dxf on root data without allocation

[~] Memo: remove delete icon in edit modus

[~] View zoom level in %

[~] Pathcheck: Error color is red

[~] Pathcheck: all rooms red => no building port

[~] Pathcheck: random color with seed on floor check

[~] PDF: fix place on placements n+1

[~] Report-Moves: view selected moves (when select someone) or all moves

[~] Bugfix: dynamic CanExecute-WeakReference on reports

[~] Bugfix: Roomlable: PG-Text left side

[~] change cal lable position on null database points

[~] PDS-Print: Printdialog before print

[#] Print legend long (width) text

[#] Print legend width in percent

[#] View floor with negativ points (Trafo-Matrix)

[#] Export to pdf: placement size

[#] Export to pdf: border size & legend

[#] View correct x/y-Coords (Bottom-Right)

[#] Error if not floor loaded

[#] Graphic (Export-dxf): disabled floor with null rooms

[#] Graphic (add roomzone to block): failed on wrong select

[#] Memo: context menu (remove create port)

[#] Memo: content can use "_"

[#] Graphic (FloorSurvey): new selected floor get same zoom level

[#] change text on graphic button => allocation

[#] Correct visible selection rectangle position

[#] check on null roomports

[#] change button 'reset': calc new transformmatrix

[#] change button icon 'reset'

[#] max/min points for view over rooms, lable, memos

[#] Reservation flag on lable

[#] PDF-Print: autom. Landscape/Portrait

[#] Print: overwrite pdf if exist & open

[#] Export-dxf: overwrite pdf if exist & open

[#] Layout (Transmatrix) refresh

[-] Print function with printer


[+] Calculation abord if single place error

[+] Performance

[~] Groups excluded from computation do not reset their spatial demand placements before calculation


[~] MouseOver/Selection/SelectionFocusRemove on Tab, Tree, OutlookBar => changed


[+] Database version check

[~] change update process [performance]


[+] add function

[-] remove function

[~] change function

[#] Bugfix